About us

Our company

IberiKo was conceived in early of 2020 by Adrian when he discovered a potential and Affordable market for Spanish high quality products together with his experience in catering, hotels and restaurants.

Taking advantage of the characteristics of Spain to feed our Iberian pigs and raise them in the pastures.

Thanks to this we have been able to differentiate ourselves by the quality of our Iberian products such as acorn ham, Chorizo, Salchichón and our wide assortment of Iberian sausages and cheeses.

Our products


In IberiKo each of the pigs that will go through the slaughterhouse is controlled. From its genetic selection, its breeding and its subsequent fattening.

First, in warehouses suitably conditioned for the reproduction process, later in large parks of their farm full of holm oaks and cork oaks for their breeding, and finally they carry out fattening with acorn, or what is known as the `montanera 'period, which includes October to March, until reaching 9,000 hectares of pasture land spread across Salamanca, Andalusia, Extremadura and southeast Portugal. These first will be the ones that will be used to produce the hams and sausages called “De bellota 100% ibérico”, as indicated in the New Iberian Ham Regulations. The rest, fattened with feed made from natural cereals are called "De cebo de Campo Iberico". In IberiKo we are committed to the production of 100% Iberian breed, and for this reason, all its products are labeled with the black (100% Iberian acorn) and green (Iberian field bait) seal that establishes the standard.